Framed Canvas Prints: A great way to display your favorite photo’s

Looking for a way to display your favourite memories in style? Framed canvas photo prints are the answer!

A framed canvas offers a perfect balance of elegance and charm, framing your photo canvas with our shadow gap frame really adds an elegance to your canvas.


What is a Framed Canvas Print?

A framed canvas is a normal canvas on a wooden with an additional outer frame added to give the canvas a floating effect. There is a gap of half a centimetre between the canvas and the frame inner edge. This gives the effect that the canvas is floating in the frame.

We offer a choice of four frame colours, Black, White, Gold and Silver.

Framed canvas prints are a great way to enjoy your favourite photo for many years to come. They are great because they can be displayed anywhere, including in your bedroom or kitchen. Plus, it is one of the most inexpensive ways to create your own beautiful wall décor.


How Many Different Types of Framed Canvas Prints are Available?

We offer our framed canvas photo prints in three styles, square, portrait and landscape. Choose the best style for your photo.


What Size Framed Canvas Prints are Available?

We offer our framed canvas from 27x40cm upto 150x100cm in size. The additional canvas frame adds another 5cm to the overall size of your canvas.


Why Purchase a Framed Canvas Print?

Framed canvas prints are a great way to display your favourite photo without having to worry about glass or acrylic plastic. Not only do they offer a more tactile experience, but they also have a more modern look.

Framed canvases are lightweight and easy to hang requiring just a simple nail or screw in the wall.


What do I need to do before I order?

The most important thing you will want to do is select a good quality high resolution photo to upload. Our online designer lets you re-size, crop, flip and rotate your photo. Upload your photo into our online designer and play around with the various options until you get the perfect design.



I hope this blog post has helped you decide on the perfect framed canvas print for your home. Framed canvas prints are a great way to make memories last longer. I’m sure you’ll find one that you love!